Dr EM Taban – Pulmonologist

I had the honor of spending a whole day with this incredible human being. I am honoured to be working alongside Dr Taban for a few months, doing his social media marketing, content creation, personal branding, print and digital design projects and website.

The Boy Who Never Gave Up


A REFUGEE’S epic journey to triumph is an autobiography of Dr Emmanuel Taban, who is named by the New African Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential Africans in 2020.

He is a highly qualified registered pulmonologist and also holds a European Diploma in adult respiratory medicine. To imagine that he actually started uninterrupted schooling only at the age of seventeen defies all logic. Taban emerged with a novel technique of mucus extraction from the lungs in the midst of Covid-19. He is the first in the world to undertake this intricate procedure.

His life story and journey on foot and hikes from Juba in South Sudan at the age of fifteen, to Khartoum, to Eritrea, to Ethiopia, to Kenya, to Tanzania, to Mozambique, through Zimbabwe and finally to South Africa at the age of seventeen in search of education tortures your gut.

The management of suspense, the wicked sense of humour, the permanent walk in the shadow of death are illustriously captured in this 248 page book.

Emmanuel’s skill and dedication as a physician, and his stubborn refusal to be discouraged by setbacks, led to an important discovery in the treatment of hypoxaemic COVID-19 patients. By never giving up, this son of Sudan has risen above extreme poverty, racism and xenophobia to become a South African legend.

This is his story!

Dr Taban’s book will be available in most Exclusive Books but can also be bought at his office at Midstream Mediclinic.

Thank you Jabu Nkosi for the brilliant videos for the launch of his book – have a look and subscribe to Dr Taban’s Youtube Channel.

Dr EM Taban Pulmonologist The Boy Who Never Gave UpPersonal Branding for Dr Emmanuel TabanDr EM Taban Pulmonologist The Boy Who Never Gave UpDr EM Taban Pulmonologist The Boy Who Never Gave Up BookDr EM Taban Pulmonologist The Boy Who Never Gave UpDr EM Taban Pulmonologist The Boy Who Never Gave Up