Emmanuel Taban Foundation

My journey with the incredible Dr Taban as photographer, content creator and social media marketing manager.

To say that I am honoured is an understatement, it’s been a journey of really being inspired by this humble human. He is a pulmonologist, an author of the book “The Boy Who Never Gave Up, influencer, entrepreneur, public speaker and a doctor with a heart of gold.

In collaboration with my advertising agency, WOW Creative Design Studio, I have been involved in most of Dr Taban’s branding, website designs, social media marketing, content creator and most of the designs for all his businesses. One in particular is The Emmanuel Taban Foundation – please support this amazing initiative.

Dr Taban is a strong advocate for the values of hard work, honesty, integrity and excellence.  He believes that effort, applied consistently, will always yield results. The three most important values that underpin his life philosophy are PASSION, DETERMINATION and CONSISTENCY.  It is these values that he hopes to impart to the youth of Africa so that they too may fulfil their potential as he has been able to.

Dr Emmanuel Taban | Emmanuel Taban Foundation

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